DMK 2nd January 1971 – 29th May 2012



David and I became close friends when I was 12 and he  13. We were put in the same class when we entered  Fraser High from Maeroa Intermediate in 1984.

We quickly became part of a small social group of  people who were each outside of the mainstream  school. We were rebels who had yet to find causes.

Our rebellion though, was always calculated. David and  I tried shoplifting once. It wasn’t alcohol or cigarettes,  but two books on history from Whitcoulls that we  swiped. David had calculated that there were other  benefits to wearing a long overcoat besides looking cool  in 1985.

And by the time 4th form came around our social  structure was pretty set. We hated rugby heads and  posh girls mainly, although David was happy to be  cynical about pretty much anything. We played soccer  for a while in the world’s worst football team, getting  thrashed each weekend. The rest of our time was spent just hanging out, watching the sea of people wearing  stonewashed denim walk by.

We tried jogging to keep fit. David would throw stones at my bedroom window to wake me up each morning. The running must have worked because my Mum said to David one day, “I wish I had your legs” ‘cos he was always in pretty good shape.

Needless to say running was just one of our many  teenage endeavours. David though, had the selfdiscipline, even at a young age to carry through with those kinds of things. There was always another “Plan  A” around the corner.

David also loved to listen to music, particularly on his  portable tape deck. He would take his stereo to the Hamilton pools over summer and we’d watch the sights.  David would record the radio and lend other people the tapes.

I’m not sure if it was the influence of his older sisters,  but David seemed to enjoy an independence at that age  that the rest of us didn’t. We gravitated toward him  because we felt that here was a guy in charge of his own  destiny.

David’s freedom extended to organising a weeklongparty at Anne’s house while the family were away on holiday…a secret she only discovered this week. We  survived on Hutton’s Cheese Sizzlers (supplied by David) and Lion Red beer. It played out as a stereotypical  1980’s coming of age movie. Tony started his relationship with his future wife, David proved he could organise the shit out of anything and anyone, and I became a vegetarian.

We learnt a lot from David during those times spent as teenagers. That was a process that has continued as we  became adults.

Perhaps however, I’ve learnt the most  over the last few months. Through David, I’ve learnt a little about death, but I’ve learnt so much more about how best to live a life.



First Team DK update

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the first “Team DK update”! Sorry its been far too long coming.


Life continues to be a rollercoaster ride for us at the moment. Some weeks are great, others not so great. But David is still here and we are enjoying the time we have together (even if its just curled up together in front of the TV watching the Food Channel!).

David’s health was fairly good the first week of May. In that week we began our ‘David On A Plate’ (or DOAP) adventure (see below for more details). We had four wonderful meals out, mostly with close family and friends, and we also managed an appearance at wee Madison’s 2nd birthday party at the Zoo (our friends Kylie and Brett’s very cute daughter who gets on so well with David as she LOVES cheese just like him).

The second week of May wasn’t so great. Fatigue really set in and to top it off I (Suz) got sick too. It was a very quiet week with lots of sleeping and pill taking. David did, however, manage to get admitted to the bar on Friday 11 May – thanks to Stu and Eric for organizing this. Despite a tinge of sadness given the circumstances, it was an awesome achievement, and it was wonderful that so many friends came to witness David don the silly wig. We also managed one meal out that week.

We were hoping this week would be more active than the last. However, David was admitted to Hospice on Wednesday as trying to manage the fatigue etc just got too much for us at home.  David is likely to spend about a week/10 days in Hospice so he can get his energy back to continue our mission of quality time and food 🙂 If you would like to visit please text him first to arrange so his energy levels can be managed.

Zibibbo’s restaurant kindly provided us with takeaway versions of their famous Tapa Entrée and Cheeseboard Dessert on Friday so we could have a date night at Hospice and continue David On A Plate (albeit not in the way we would have liked).  On Sunday we managed to attend Yum Cha at Majestic Cuisine with a group of our close friends and their families.

This weekend David is hoping to have a ‘Boys Day’ of Xbox, Burger Rings, Beer and hopefully some proper food with Stu and Eric. Also David’s family will be visiting over the next few weeks. We are going to attempt to eat Turducken (Turkey stuffed with duck, stuffed with chicken – crazy American dish we’ve always wanted to try) with some other friends on 10 June.

David On A Plate (DOAP)

If you haven’t heard of ‘David On A Plate’ yet, here is a summary. Basically we are organizing ourselves for providing the necessities, but we cannot afford the ‘want to dos’.

Therefore ‘David On A Plate’ is an initiative our friends Mark and Bel helped us set up so we can enjoy the ‘want to dos’. For us, we love to eat together, especially with our friends and family. We have a wish list of the eateries, mostly in Wellington, that we would like to dine at, and we are raising money to work our way through the list. Please see

We are following up our dining adventures with posts at our blog Also on our blog site is a section about ‘other ways you can help’ for non-financial help.

This week, as a fundraiser for ‘David On A Plate’, our friend Mary has organised a movie night at the Lighthouse Cinema in Petone (24 May). This event has already sold out. Many thanks to Mary , Hannah, the people who have brought tickets, donated raffles, and made cash donations. Please note that one of the many amazing contributors to this night is Whittakers who have provided chocolate for the goody bags that will be provided to attendees on the night (I knew there was a justification for my chocolate addiction!!!).

Closing notes

We are very grateful for the love that has been shown to us since this journey began in October 2011. At times it is overwhelming. And we have both been blessed with incredibly supportive work environments.

Despite what is happening we feel very fortunate for our relationship, the relationships we have with those around us, and the beautiful environment we live in.

It’s a reminder to enjoy the small things in life – lying in a warm bed and listening to the rain, laughing at a good movie, and of course sharing wonderful meals with family and friends.

Love David and Suz xx

Admission to the roll of barristers and solicitors of the High Court of New Zealand

Hi Guys,

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t show in my profile but I’ve got all the academic and *ehem* good character (yes I have trouble believing myself) attributes to  admitted to the roll of barristers and solicitors of the High Court of New Zealand… I know, who would have figured?

So Stuart and Eric decided they would take care of that for me 🙂 They pretty much moved every stone they could and asked for every shortcut they could find to get a private ceremony as soon as possible. The end result was a small, but hopefully, moving ceremony with a few quiet drinks afterwards at the Occidental.

… and that about stuffed me for the day. I came home, and basically crashed… but that also felt so great it was worth it! Another example of friends helping us get towards our goals…

Some pics…

Suz and David

Belated Post – Dixon Street Deli on a whim


Sometimes the best is the impromptu!

Suz gave me a lift (numerous lifts) around town to finalise some documents I needed sorted. It was the early afternoon and I remembered an old-school favourite that Suz hadn’t experienced – Dixon Street Deli.

I think we got there at the end of the lunch rush, but they still had what we wanted: Salmon cream cheese bagel, and Thai Chicken Curry… YUM

We grabbed side-by-side seats looking at the footpath and watched slices of the world go past. Here’s a few pics of food, in hindsight we should have had more pics of the people on the footpath!!

Suz and David

Belated Post – Fish and Chips Lyall Bay Sun 6 May

Hey folks,

Sorry about the delay in the blog post – lot’s of organising to get done for the admission.

But Suz and I did take the chance to sneak off ti Lyall Bay to sit in the sun. We sat on one of the benches until both the seagulls and the wind-chill made it clear that it may be time to move on…

Very low-key but very pleasant. This picture really sums it up 🙂

Sun, Sand, good (i.e, – really not good for you) food – What more?


Suz and David

A big night for fun, friends and great food

Friday night on the town…

When we came up with the plan to enjoy as many dining experiences as possible, a great friend of ours, Sharyn, was in the room. Without a moment’s hesitation she said “Mark and I are taking take you two to Logan Brown, and we’re going to have the best damn night ever, even if we have to wheel you in AND out”!

Well, there was no need for a wheelchair but it was a fantastic night!

The atmosphere at LB was great – it was Friday night and cold outside so I think people all around us seemed intent to have a good time, just like us. ☺

Sharyn and Mark were, as ever, on fine form. They are both such fun-loving and happy people that we were all immediately joking and laughing, both about past (mis)adventures and hopefully future successes.

The food and service all-around was spot-on. The staff didn’t look too strangely at us with all the pics and carrying on, and there were definitely some comments that would have appeared very interesting without context… d’oh!I

Three courses (including a very gut-busting push for dessert at the end) of some of the most amazing taste sensations. Coupled with a very nice wine (from Canterbury of course. Mark chose – no parochialism there at all), and a beer or cocktail (all in moderation for me I promise… I do have some will-power left so far) left us pretty much done, in fact I may have been over-done!

Here are some pics…

Again, it was the whole experience that made Friday night. The company – amazing people who have been there for us. The food – great tasting, beautifully presented and deeply satisfying. The fun – knowing that there are many wonderful things Suz and I still have to do – and that we will be doing them (and maybe even more). It’s the combination of these and so many other factors that we were looking for when we came up with the plan to enjoy the most of what we can enjoy while we can… so watch this space for more 🙂

Suz and David

Ps. To Ally who suggested her her donation be for the truffle fries at LB. We definitely had those and they were awesome!. But I see no reason why Suz and I can’t go back and get a wee drink complete with more truffle fries just to test the results 😉

Pps. Still being early days we’re learning what is a good level of activity given my our energy levels. Truth be told, we may have overdone it this week, so things may slow down while we get our heads around what we can do. But we haven’t stopped – the posts may just get a little less frequent. Keep reading,, keep coming back, we will have more to come!

Catching up with some family, and a Wellington icon

Hi, just a short update 🙂

My Aunt and Uncle (Lynn and Tom) were in town to say hello and spend some time. I picked them up from the airport and then after some wandering around we went out to Maranui Cafe. They had never been and I figured it was a good time for them to experience what I consider to be a bit of an icon.

The bad weather didn’t matter (it never really seems to at Maranui) and the food and atmosphere was as good as ever!! They loved it, and I loved sharing it with them.

Dinner with them tonight was at the General Practitioner, great food and wine with some really good company. We dropped them off at the airport so they could return to Christchurch, with promises of “until next time”.

These are some of the little, fun, and pleasurable moments that we’ll be looking for in the coming period – those occasions where we get to enjoy Wellington and our friends and family 🙂

More updates to come soon – especially on our wishlist, and other ways you can help us…. watch this space 🙂

Suz and David